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Naamika has been my nickname ever since I can remember. My given name Naama in a Bulgarian Greek family we add KA to everything … A name that later on was realised by Hebrew friends means to go deep together - and by no chance diving into a deep subject which troubled & fascinated me has been my heart's compass all my life .


Nature , animals and how and why humans make their decisions ~my realisation keeps coming back to LOVE.


A word that has so many books and songs written about it. 

What and where is it in my life? Do I have a true choice or have I been brought up to think I know what I love? My character wouldn’t let me sit still and I began my journey searching for my truth within.

Years went by as well as landscapes, people and experiences, all who have taught me and are still teaching me about life , connection and love. My journey led me to artistic creativity connecting the pearls of my process and deep understanding into the many mediums for me to share with you. 


I keep on going learning and enjoying this amazing and intriguing life and connections. I am honoured to be a part of yours too.

Much life and love,


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Step inside the creation...

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