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Cleansing your pendant

The materials which create your Naamika pendant have traveled a long way from mother earth to you. It may have been an arduous journey for them that may have created a negative energy charge. In awareness of this we energetically cleanse each and every pendant before they are sent out to you, helping them implement their mission as a healing conductor for you.


As appreciation and recognition of the possibility to enjoy such precious gifts of the Earth, we give a token of the material back to planet Earth in different places all over the world over 50 pendants of all materials thus far. 


Cleansing your pendant is simple. There are many forms and ways to do this ~
I have suggested a few I use and why ..
_DSC5562 d.jpeg

Your beautiful Naamika pendant is a personal healing sign - meaning it is working on your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Mind who you let touch this healing tool. There may come a time when you feel it’s time for your pendant to be energetically cleansed. If you are not sure, sit quietly for a moment and listen to your heart and gut. If you are feeling heavy , moody or irritated it is also an indication.


As mentioned above the material come from the earth cleansing them we use there elements - they come of the earth and placing them on the ground not only lets the over charging out back to earth but is also like a good visit to ma and pa , the elements of gold and silver are related to the sun and moon and stars and so it is importance to reunite them once every so often. Just like washing our house , clothes and basically everything we use …to keep it well and working to its full potential

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