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About Geomancy

The word Geomancy comes from the Greek language – "Gea" earth's soul, "Mancy" divination - referring to interpreting the divine. As human beings we are a part of the creation – meaning that humanity is a mirror of earth and the earth is a mirror of humanity. Geomancy is a way to feel and connect to vital energy network (matrix) composed of earth energy centers (chakras) energy channels (as lay lines and acupuncture earth meridians) energetic fields (aura).


With Geomancy we may approach the consciousness of different places and landscapes connecting to nature spirits , elemental beings and angelic realms. The forms of landscapes are considered to be a direct expression of the earth being in context to the plural-dimensions of the invisible life forms and Gia~ the earth's soul together with the vital connection to human beings body , spirit and soul.

Modern geomancy was founded by Marko Pogacnick ~ an environmental artist and sculptor currently living in Slovenia and conducts geomancy projects all around the globe. I met him in Israel during a workshop at 2005 and during the workshop I had received my first healing symbol (cosmogram) and ever since the channel has been open , I also have created a healing method called OBE opening blocked energy in which I use the base of the geomancy technique on the human.

The knowledge of modern geomancy can be used in healing the earth and humanity in many different ways and levels: nature protection, reserving  and reviving, building multi purpose cities , towns and especially road lines. With co-creation we create high efficient energy and harmony is disturbed areas or virgin landscapes. Modern geomancy may be added to all daily life aspects in all that you may do - its finally getting another language to add to anything you do and it is amazing !  

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