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Choosing your pendant

While choosing your Naamika healing pendant, material and length of necklace we encourage you to listen to your inner self. The healing symbol enables a wonderful  process. The material of the pendant is a conductor between the symbol and yourself and is in charge of the “voltage” of the healing symbol. 


The length of the necklace refers to different energy centers (chakras) in our body. Luckily our body knows what is right for us as well and has the wisdom to guide the healing energies to the place they are needed. 


Usually your pendant is the one in which you connect first and catches your heart. As well as material and length. Listen to your heart and gut . You know what is truly yours. 

If you are choosing a healing necklace for someone else please take a moment connect to them on the heart level and see which symbol jumps into your eye and heart. 

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